Large Shoulder Bags

Large shoulder bag, regular size straps

Large shoulder bag, regular size straps


Large bag

12 inches wide
length of entire bag with regular size straps: 33 inches
length of main part of bag (main inside pocket) 17 inches
one pocket is 7-1/2 inches long
one pocket is 8 inches long
pockets are each 6 inches wide on each side

comes with or without zipper (just inside central pocket)

also available with extra long straps

Shoulder bags are made with cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabric.

All bags are machine washable.

All measurements are approximate and may vary from bag to bag.


Large size shoulder bag (12 inches wide), without zipper: $34.95
with zipper: $39.95
Large size shoulder bag (12 inches wide), without zipper, long straps: $39.95
long straps, with zipper: $44.95


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Why shoulder bags?
Hi, I'm Joan Marie Verba and I sew the shoulder bags you see on the page. I started using these because I found that whenever I purchased a purse, it would not be long before the purse became stained or dirty, or something spilled on it. Then I'd either have to try to clean it, or I'd have to throw it away. After throwing away a lot of purses, I decided that I needed a purse that I could simply wash when either the inside or outside was dirty. That's when I started using these, which are machine washable. They're durable, roomy, comfortable to wear, and have a lot of pockets. I believe you'll find them as useful as I have.

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Video showing Joan cutting the fabric
Sewing the pockets
Ironing the pockets
Ironing the seams
Sewing the lining
Sewing the pockets to the main bag
Sewing the base of the bag
Sewing the lining to the main bag
Finishing the Bag